A special tubular ba

The Combifix is simple and safe!

We have developed the Combifix tubular bag to offer you a particularly easy handling with the irrimed. It can nevertheless be used for all one-piece irrigation systems.

Simple handling

The bag system fits perfectly with the irrigation cone - incorrect operation is therefore impossible.

Generously dimensioned

Combifix has a sufficient length so that the tubular bag can also be used for irrigation standing up.

Combifix - Stomabeutel

Hygienic and clean

Closed bag design, so that

  • no splashes get outside
  • your hand does not touch any excreta
  • there is only a very slight odour nuisance.

High quality processing

The pressure plate is firmly welded to the bag. So don't worry about torn connections or leaking joints.

Assumption of costs by the (public) statutory health insurance

Combifix and accessories are available from specialist retailers (e.g.: medical supply stores or pharmacies). Combifix - rinsing bags are intended for one-time use only. Combifix is, of course, fully covered by all statutory health insurance funds. Your co-payment for a monthly pack (30 pieces) is 10 euros / month, as for all other aids.

Please note that it is still to be decided whether stoma patients are classified as chronically ill patients and thus have to pay a maximum of 1% of their income per year for co-payments instead of 2%. The gross household income (attention: allowances for families!) is taken as income. This means that all co-payments of the insured person and his/her dependents are added together. Children and young people up to the age of 18 are exempt from all co-payments.

What makes Combifix unique?

Perfect hygiene: your hand never touches any water or excreta, even though it inserts the cone into the stoma, because the cone is snapped into the pouch by a snap ring.

Remove the cone from the snap ring, after the water has finished running in an securely close the opening with a sealing cap. Then the tubular bag is a self-contained stripping bag.

Environmental note: The film, locking ring and pressure plate of the Combifix irrigation tube bag are made of polyethylene, so that eco-friendly disposal in residual waste is guaranteed.

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Combifix - Stomabeutel

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